"These filters are very impressive.  I find they install easily and fit my older heat pump
better than the one's I was buying at the big box store.  They also cost no more for a far
superior product.  There is no question that we have less dust and dog dander from our
dogs in the air."  

Joe Holt
Mascot, TN


"VHA air filters are the best on the market. We have cleaner air in our home thanks to
these filters. My son and I have a lot of allergies and they trap the dust allergins and
keep it from recycling back into our air. They are very cost efficient also. Thanks VHA."

Suzanne Howell
Knoxville, TN


"We have used this filter for over twenty years.We started out using them with the prior
owners. After moving to Alabama last year, I was unable to find this great filter so I'm
having them shipped from Knoxville. They are the very best. I feel it is worth paying the
shipping to have a filter that I can rely on."

Zuann Candler


"We have VHA air filters for over 6 years and they are the only filter we use. The filters
really do the best job of capturing interior dust and air borne debris. I recommend these
filters for any family that may have a respiratory issue."

Pierre Billard

"We love our VHA air filters. We have 5 intakes in our home and it was costly to buy the
filters at the big box stores. Also they clogged up quickly and let air around them before
30 days, when they would cost $22 per filter! We found out about the VHA filters through
our son, and since then, we have less dust in our home (with two large indoor dogs!).
They also cost a fraction of what the big box ones did!! Thank you for making a great
product! We are customers for life!"

Linda & Larry Burton

"They provide a quality product with extremely fast delivery. I recommend them for air filters."

Richard Barnes

"The "Z" configuration filters that I was using in the past was suppose to be one of the
most effective on the market in the way of trapping dust. After installing your filter
system I noticed that a lot more dust appeared to be on the new "VHA" filter in a
much shorter period of time. (Not that we were creating more dust than before, 
but the "VHA" filter was catching dust that was before was passing through the
"Z" filter system). That was quite impressive"

Marvin Woods

"Sandy has been helping us with our frames and filter pads and could not be more helpful
and such a wonderful person. I knew her from Home Filtrations and she is always the 
same such a sweet and helpful person. I am glad to be doing business with her again 
and to be her friend. "

Harriett Cabage

"I have been using these air filters for years and I would not use anything else. 
They are excellent and cut down on the dust and allergens in the air in my home.
They are an excellent value and I appreciate the product!"

"It is easy to get my hard-to-find size air filters from VHA Air Filters.
I can order as many as I need and they have them there when I am ready
to pick them up.

These filters are the only ones that catch everything. When I change the filter,
not only do I see the trapped dirt, but I am confident it traps it within the filter too.
So the dust and dirt doesn't spread while I am changing the filter."

S. Oliver

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