Your VHA Air Filter package has arrived.

Upon receipt of your filter package, there will be one insert in the frame.  So you simply install the frame with the filter insert into your HVAC return grill, with the black grid to the back.  The proper installation will show the labels on the front side.

  • The VHA frame is meant to be permanent and does not need to be removed for filter changes. To replace the filter, simply grasp the dirty insert at any corner and pull, rolling the insert with the dirty side inward to help prevent dust from falling and allow for easier cleanup.  Discard the used filter.  Clean any dust residue from around the frame and begin installing the new insert into the frame. 

  • When changing the insert the green gel side goes to the back against the grid, allowing the tacky surface to provide the final stage of filtration. Tuck a new insert into the frame by inserting the filter into one end tucking in the opposite end, until all four edges are completely tucked into the frame.  Using this method will ensure the filter insert lays flat to provide proper coverage in the frame. 

  • Although the length of time for usage will vary for every home, we recommend checking the filter monthly. Simply pull out one corner of the insert for comparison.  The outer sections of the insert tucked into the frame will stay clean.  If the insert is dirty, change at that time.  If the insert is not ready to be changed check again in two – four weeks, depending on the traffic in your home.  We recommend changing the inserts no less than every two months.  The filer can be vacuumed periodically using the crevice tool, but washing is not recommended.

Should you need further instructions or if you would like to share a comment or recommendation, please contact our office at 877-777-7585 or 865-223-6787.