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Home of the VHA6 Air Filter

Stops Dust in its Tracks!

The VHA Air Filter is designed for homes and businesses to provide effective filtration and prevent restriction of air-flow.  Where there is dust, allergies or mold a good filter system can be of tremendous help with breathing problems.  The most expensive and highest rated filter that can be purchased does not always solve these problems. As the filter loads, air is forced around it causing re-circulation of unfiltered air as well as problems with the HVAC system from dirty coils. Also these filters are often too restrictive and decrease air flow causing more problems for the system.When a three-month filter is used it often causes the system to work harder, using more energy and causing more wear on the system.

The VHA Air Filter solves these problems with a permanent frame which has a double rubber-seal gasket to completely seal in the return and disposable three-stage, polyester inserts with a permanently attached gel backing. The first stage is a medium diameter non-woven that catches larger dust and lint particles. The second stage is a fine diameter non-woven that catches fine particles and the third stage is a non-drying gel backing that catches sub-visible particles.  Used with the frame, this assures the filter system is effective while maintaining proper and adequate air-flow to prevent excess energy use and wear and tear on the system.

Custom-made air filter frame to fit every return. With a double rubber seal gasket and polyester inserts that have a permanently attached gel backing, to prevent air bypass.

Effective and easy to maintain - simply remove dirty insert and tuck in new one.


Does Not Re-Circulate Dust Throughout Your Home